Medical Products

Primary care

Just because we care to offer you complete services, our specialists are always here to advice you on the equipment of general practice you might need:

  • Stethoscopes
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Medical thermometers
  • Glucometers
  • Lancete
  • Blood glucose test strips
  • Baby scales
  • Otoscoapes
  • Spirometers
  • Pulsoximeters
  • Nebulae
  • Inhalers
  • Examination tables
  • Examination chairs
  • Examination lamps


Traumatology is a surgical specialty meant for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons), through the use of medical, surgical and physical procedures.

Here you can find:

  • external fastening systems
  • distractors
  • bone staples
  • cranial implants
  • hip prostheses
  • knee prostheses


Ophthalmological products improve and treat eye problems. You may find here great products from this range. They will improve the diagnostic process, ensuring prompt service to patients.

      Here you can find products for eye examinations:

  • tonometers
  • ophthalmic biometers
  • ophthalmological examination chairs
  • tables with
  • ophthalmological
  • instruments
  • graphic monitors
  • pachymeters

    and for surgical interventions:

  • ophthalmic operating tables
  • ophthalmic lasers
  • microscopes of ophthalmic surgery 

Urology & Ginecology

Medical products for urology and gynecology. In order to acquire medical equipment offered by our company simply contact us online or by phone.

We offer a wide range of products for Urology, such as:

  • urodynamic systems
  • ultrasonic imaging systems for urology
  • urological lasers
  • ureteral stents
  • ureteral catheters
  • urinary drainage sets
  • urological operation tables
  • urological examination chairs

and for Gynecology:

  • gynecological examination tables
  • gynecological examination chairs
  • colposcoapes
  • gynecological specul
  • OB-GYN ultrasonic systems
  • gynecological lazer


We offer you state-of-the-art medical equipment, the latest internationally recognized techniques and the most advanced technologies in the field of oncology treatments, such as:

  • proton therapy systems
  • superficial radiotherapy systems
  • chemotherapy chairs
  • hyperthermia systems
  • biopsy systems
  • infusion pumps for chemotherapy


Our products meet the highest standards and requirements of dental experts, with whom we collaborate. The series of equipment and accessories is made up of the most modern dental medical instruments.

Dental practice:

  • dental units
  • dental delivery systems
  • dental chairs
  • dental examination lamps
  • dental X-ray systems
  • microscopes for dental
  • examination
  • intraoral cameras
  • dental wipers
  • dental vacuum pumps
  • dental compressors

Dental laboratory:

  • workstation for the dental laboratory
  • 3D dental printer
  • dental laboratory turbines
  • dental laboratory batteries
  • dental laboratory ovens
  • dental vacuum pumps

Dental tools:

  • dental turbines
  • dental micromotors
  • dental probes
  • dental polymerization
  • lamps
  • other dental instruments

Emergecy care

The time and prompt response of emergency medicine personnel saves lives. Therefore, we offer you the latest generation equipment for continuous improvement of the quality of medical services provided:

  • external defibrillators
  • thoracic compressors
  • pulsoximeters
  • emergency ventilators
  • manual resuscitators
  • laryngoscopes
  • endotracheal tubes
  • emergency bags
  • training mannequins


Rehabilitation / Sport

The mission is to offer our customers high quality products, state-of-the-art technology solutions and an excellent performance-price ratio to open new paths in recovery therapy.

Kinetic therapy, physiotherapy:

  • massage tables
  • portable massage tables
  • electric stimulators
  • rehabilitation systems
  • virtual rehabilitation systems
  • physical capacity assessment systems

Orthopedics, immobilization:

  • upper extremity prostheses
  • lower extremity prostheses
  • cosmetic prostheses
  • shoulder atheists
  • arm slings
  • knee braces
  • ankle atheists
  • post correction orthotics
  • clavicular orthotics
  • support corsets
  • shoulder orthotics
  • elbow orthotics
  • wrist orthotics
  • finger orthotics
  • orthotics for the thumb
  • knee orthotics

Mobility aid:

  • manual wheelchairs
  • electric wheelchairs
  • rollers
  • walkers
  • crutches


We offer high-performance cardiological medical equipment. Our product catalogue includes modern cardiological equipment designed to support the widest range of cardiological investigations.

Cardiovascular exam:

  • examination tables for echocardiography
  • cardiovascular ultrasound imaging systems
  • dopplers
  • stethoscopes
  • sphygmomanometers
  • blood pressure monitors
  • electrocardiographs
  • holter monitors
  • monitors, amplifiers, ECG electrodes
  • cardiac mapping systems

Cardiovascular surgery:

  • valve prostheses
  • valvular bioprostheses
  • vascular prostheses
  • vascular bioprostheses
  • Stents
  • stent grafts
  • PTCA catheters
  • diagnostic catheters
  • guide wires
  • vascular access shealths
  • vascular dilators
  • dilation catheters
  • vascular closure systems
  • embolic protection systems
  • vascular clamps

Hybrid intervention

A modern hybrid intervention room is a true surgical theatre, equipped with state-of-the-art medical imaging devices. These devices allow minimally invasive surgery in neuro, cardio and peripheral vessels.


In this department we propose
MRI systems with an open magnetic field,
multi-layer CT scanners, ultrasonic diagnostic systems, optical topography devices i.e.


  • MRI systems
  • MRI coils
  • X-ray scanners
  • PET scanners
  • X-ray systems

Operational microscopy:

  • operating microscopes
  • colposcoapes
  • light sources, operating microscopes cameras
  • binocular magnifiers


 These products are intended for laboratories using state-of-the-art biotechnology.
Thus, we provide these laboratories with equipment,
instrumentation and consumables.

Sample management:

  • collection tubes
  • sample containers
  • laboratory pads
  • collection kits
  • blood collection monitors
  • laboratory printers
  • sample preparation systems
  • tissue processors
  • laboratory centrifuges
  • laboratory agitators
  • distillation systems
  • Pipettes
  • test tubes
  • laboratory freezers

Laboratory medicine:

  • biochemistry analyzers
  • electrolyte analyzers
  • haematology analyzers
  • urine analyzers
  • coagulation analyzers
  • haemoglobin analyzers
  • immunoanalysis analyzers
  • bacteria identification
  • systems
  • POC analyzers
  • Microscopes
  • stereo-microscopes
  • cellular imaging systems

Molecular biology:

  • DNA extractors
  • thermal cyclators
  • molecular biology analyzers
  • microarray scanners
  • protein analyzers
  • electrophoresis systems


ENT devices are distinct equipment used for the diagnosis, therapy or surgery of any disorders related to the ear, nose or throat. There is a wide range of ENT devices available, including endoscopes, hearing screening devices, etc.

ENT/ENT Surgery Review:

  • ENT surgical microscopes
  • otoscopes
  • sinus scopes
  • laryngoscopes
  • video laryngoscopes
  • endoscope video
  • faringscope
  • nerve monitoring systems
  • nerve stimulators
  • ENT surgical lasers
  • ear specula
  • nasal specula
  • ENT specula

Operating Room

We offer professional solutions in the field of medical equipment, including the entire range of medical equipment and accessories such as medical devices for the operatiing unit, medical furniture, medical supplies, etc.

Operating room:

  • surgical lights
  • minor surgery lamps
  • operating rooms
  • endoscope rooms
  • surgical tables
  • operating microscopes
  • human surgical suction pumps
  • electrosurgical units
  • surgical electrodes
  • surgical scissors
  • electrosurgical pen
  • surgical lasers
  • tool tables
  • surgical trolleys
  • trolleys for the operating room


  • medical wipers
  • steam generators wipers
  • other wipers


Endoscopy is a minimally invasive medical procedure used to diagnose, prevent and treat complications in visceral area. Endoscopes are used in this procedure to examine the organs or inner cavities of the body.

  • endoscopes
  • video endoscopes
  • ultrasonic endoscopes
  • endoscopy columns
  • camera adapters for endoscopes
  • endoscopy video processors
  • endoscopic imaging systems
  • endoscopic surgical systems


Neurological devices can help to diagnose, prevent and treat a vast variety of neurological disorders. In this section, we provide complete information and offer a wide range of innovative, efficient and safe devices.

  • EEC systems
  • PATIENT’s EEG monitors
  • EEG amplifiers
  • Transcranial Dopplers
  • intracranial pressure monitors
  • TMS neuronavigation systems
  • transcranial electrical stimulators
  • transcranial magnetic stimulators
  • neurosurgery microscopes
  • nerve monitoring systems
  • operating tables for neurosurgery